Paulina Simon (born 1975) is a Swedish artist/photographer who lives and works in Stockholm. She is graduated in Fine Art from Goldsmiths University College, London (2004) and has studied at Konstfack University College, Stockholm (2009-2010).

Simon’s work ranges from photography to installations, often dealing with aspects of manipulation and symbiosis. The natural could for instance meet the artificial and due to her use of contrasting sculpture materials, image compositions and techniques of editing, notions like "nature" and "society" unite in a complex merge. Interested in the history of architecture as well as photography, she wants to show a motif or installation with the aim to raise questions about surface and spatiality.

Her explorations start with everyday life: the chewing gums consumed during a week at home, the evening walks along the same trail, or the selection of gravel from her backyard – also giving projects a site-specific authenticity. Even chance and the mistakes in the making of a photograph could lead to a study of interest.


Combining fixed and unfixed forms of compositions and displays, Simon’s art confronts the various ways we try to observe, understand and interact with life around us. Showing this loss of control as well as processes of art making, her photographs and installations present the viewer with a ceaseless and mocking world of transformation.


© Paulina Simon 2019